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Business Writing and Editing

Achieve business goals quickly and efficiently with professional writing and editing services

from your writer at Corporate Pen.

Professional Writing and Editing Services

Power Your Message

Content Writing

Further the success of your business with project-based, ongoing or one-time copywriting services from a professional with more than a decade of writing experience. Now your thought leadership can hit the mark.


Let a skilled copyeditor transform your content with your choice of light, medium or heavy edits. Corporate Pen can collaborate with your experts, polish content before distribution, repurpose information and more.

SEO Assistance

Enhance each webpage with high-quality copy that incorporates effective SEO strategies to help boost your search engine rankings. Don’t miss the essentials that can move your business ahead.

Why Corporate Pen?

Seasoned Writer and Editor

Communication is critical. The image you project in writing can be a powerful reflection on you and your company. Information you provide should achieve your business purpose.

Give your materials polish and positioning that put you in the best light. Choose writing and editing that capture your audience and accomplish your objectives. Your topic might be technical, promotional, or both. Cathy Streiner, your writer and editor at Corporate Pen, applies years of experience to convey your message effectively.

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Well-Crafted Language and the Right Spin

Strengthen Your Business Image

Collaboration with writer and editor


Your goals are of utmost importance. Cathy understands the value of collaboration to smoothly coordinate projects, people, information and deadlines to meet your requirements. Experience working for a public relations (PR) firm brings a valuable perspective for connecting your projects to the outside world.

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Marketing and PR

Marketing materials use promotional language to influence decision-makers. Technical content often involves formal technical writing. Many clients have combined technical and promotional writing for technically accurate material that both influences and educates the audience. This is known as high-tech PR writing.

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Strategic Consulting

Do professionals in your company have knowledge and innovative ideas but no time for writing? Do you need suggestions or recommendations that will move you ahead of the competition? Are you looking for fresh ideas to help address a problem? Don’t hesitate to bring your challenges and new initiatives to Corporate Pen.

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The Process

After discussing your project and agreeing to move forward, we usually proceed along the following lines:
• Information intake
• Writing and development
• Review cycles
• Final approval

Often clients prefer to include a review of the finished document or webpage after layout is complete.

Your ideas belong to you, and Corporate Pen is sensitive to your unique requirements for privacy and confidentiality. Please mention any special needs or restrictions regarding confidentiality prior to the start of your project. Because others have rights to their work as well, Corporate Pen takes measures to guard against plagiarism.

Implement Your Business Strategy

Put Your Ideas to Work

It’s time to realize your vision. See the categories below for some of the most popular project types.

Website content

Are you looking for fresh, compelling website content or seeking to revitalize existing content to match a new look? Corporate Pen can provide language and positioning to convey your message, reinforce your company image, improve brand recognition and help prospects find you online.

Blog articles

Release high-quality blog posts quickly with just the right level of edits for your authors, or request fresh blog posts written start-to-finish to convey your message.

Ad copy

A short, compelling message with precise language captures and motivates your audience.

Email communications

Marketing emails should quickly come to the attention of today’s busy audiences. Critical or sensitive communication requires the right words. Let Corporate Pen interview you and write your email to prospects, customers or employees so it delivers the right message in the right way. If your draft is already started, request light edits or a round of proofing and polishing.


When published or distributed to your target audience, articles can be significant sources of publicity and potential revenue. Partner with Corporate Pen to convey the expertise of executives or high-level authority while saving time for busy leaders.

Product or service profiles

Profiles and brochures give customers and prospects a concise view of an aspect of your business or a specific product or service.

White papers

White papers often address critical business problems, provide in-depth information about products and services or demonstrate thought leadership and subject-matter expertise. Your writer has extensive experience interviewing executives and turning out white papers that help power business initiatives. She can also create an abstract that provide a short, at-a-glance synopsis for rapid understanding of what a paper contains.

Case studies

These success stories are a great way to promote your company. Case studies describe, in industry-appropriate language, instances where your customer successfully implemented and/or leveraged your product or service. Useful for sales, marketing campaigns and website content, case studies can range from less than 500 words to 3,000 words or more. You can even have your case study presented to a third party for publishing.

Press releases

A press release conveys news about your company to your target audience and secondary audiences. With the right strategy, you can get your news to key decision-makers and advance your business.